Gallery Ages 9-12

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Discover your passions!

Dabble in art and photography, create with LEGO and explore technology with Makerspace.

  • Submit a photo of your craft or creation here to enter a draw for a chance to win a prize pack (see below for prize list).
  • You can also enter the draw at your branch library by:
    • talking to branch staff about your reading
    • attending a library  program

Stickers and prizes!

  • Receive a sticker for every book read
  • Win one book prize for every 5 books read to a maximum of 4 prizes per participant.
  • Enter your name in a draw for a chance to win a prize pack (one prize pack available for each age group):
    • Ages 0-5 - includes Duplo, play-doh, crayons and more
    • Ages 6-8 - includes LEGO, play-doh, night vision goggles and more
    • Ages 9-12 - LEGO, 3Doodler, twister tube and more.