6. Fire at the Lain’s

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August 17, 2020

Written by Chip Whitburn

Folks, I write today with a heavy heart.  Things are only getting worse.  Late last night, someone SET FIRE to the Lain’s barn.  Stacey said she heard a loud buzzing sound outside, went out to check on the barn, saw smoke and called the fire department. The firefighters managed to put out the fire, but the barn’s a wreck. 

This is a photo of the barn from last night that Stacey sent me:


It was still smoldering this morning and there were still people controlling traffic near the property so I couldn’t get close, but if anyone knows anything, please contact the police.

Stacey said there was nothing in that barn that should have caused the fire so they’re trying to figure out what happened; who started the fire?  Why would anyone do such a thing? They think that SOMEONE SET THE BARN ON .

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