5. Pranksters Must Cease and Desist

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August 10, 2020

Written by Chip Whitburn


Polkerton, I need your help.  I had a call from Stacey last night.  She was panicking.  Stacey said that since she and Rick first saw someone lurking near the property, they are constantly hearing strange noises around the house at night. Do you think this is someone thinking it’s abandoned still? Or should we be more concerned? We’re all friendly here in Polkerton, right?

If you know who it is, let them know they are scaring a good woman and a good man. If it is intentional, it is not funny. Whoever you are STOP NOW! We help our neighbours here in Polkerton, not scare them.

Normally, I like to keep things positive.  I try to end all serious posts with something fun.  But today, I got nothing more to say‚Ķ

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