3. Wholesome New Grocery Store for Polkerton

July 27, 2020

Written by Chip Whitburn

Hello again, Polkerton!  It’s time for Chip’s Chatter.  The game was rained out last week and had to be rescheduled, so today’s post is a short bit of local promotion. 


Centre Valley’s Wholesome Foods owners Stacey and Rick Lain are moving to Polkerton and opening up a local grocery store here! Think of how great it will be not to have to drive all the way to Centre Valley to pick up your groceries. Now you can get all your food in our beautiful town.

Stacey and Rick bought that old abandoned place out on County Line 2 – a bit of a wreck, but I’m sure they’ll have it fixed up in no time flat.


Stacey sent me a photo of herself and her husband Rick, so be sure to say “hi” next time you see them around town.

Stacey and Rick Lain.

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