2. All The Buzz On The Polkerton Yellow Jackets

July 20, 2020

Written by Chip Whitburn

It’s time for another installment of Chip’s Chatter, updated whenever there’s news worth sharing!  And I’ve got some great news for fellow sports fans out there.

Last week’s baseball game was a victory for our very own Polkerton Yellow JacKets! They defeated the Centreville Camels, putting us in great shape to win in this year’s Inter-Town Team Tournament.  Shortstop Duncan Peters has really been hitting well this season, scoring three home runs.

Polkerton will be hosting the Centreville Camels again next week (weather-permitting, of course) so I’ll be interviewing the Star hitter from Centreville, Steve Phillips, as well as our own team’s DunCan Peters – just keep your eyes on this site (and steer clear of any foUl balls).

I have a feeling we’re going to steal back that shiny trophy from the Centre Valley Camels. 

Buzz buzz, Team!

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Our local team circa 1922.

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